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    In our everyday contacts with European suppliers we use English and German fluently. Our cooperation with world’s leading producers, the knowledge of their production programs in the field of electroinstallation gear, fittings, sources of light, luminaires – helps us in our everyday cooperation with our customers and enables us to place best possible technical and operating offers.

    In the last few years we have supplied our customers with projectors with power up to 1000W, of such well-known brands as: Gewiss, Philips – used for illuminating sporting objects; also various products in LED technology (light-emitting diodes).

    We have realized an intelligent electrical installation based on the LCN components in one of prestigious office buildings in the centre of Warsaw.

    We cooperate with electrical installations designers as well as companies and contractors responsible for installation or servicing the electric networks. In the section " Projects
and performance
" you will find more details in this matter.

    At several magazines’ request – such as „Elektroinstalator”, „Rynek Elektryczny”, „Elektro Info” and „Ochrona Mienia” – we write articles presenting modern electrical products, prepare technical and economical analyses, and finally – give examples of successfully executed investments in the branch of electric installations.

    Protekol Co. Ltd was established in 1995 and during the first 4 years was Schupa’s representative on the Polish market. Since 1999 we began our cooperation also with other well-known European and world’s producers, distributing their products.

    Protekol is able to supply almost every product in the subject field of low-voltage performance, which finds its use in modern electrical installations.

    On our www page you are visiting, in the section
" Our Offer ", there is a list of the products distributed by Protekol Co. Ltd.

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