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( – a well-known European producer of  exclusive luminaries for household and office
(wire and rail systems) uses, as well as a wide range of
various types of light sources (standard and halogen light
bulbs, energy-saving fluorescent lamps; in different colours, varying in dimensions, the shape of the bulbs’ filaments
and the interesting design of the bulbs).

The catalogue of Paulmann 2009 in Polish version is available.

This company offers a large number of luminaires with LED, which become more and more popular due to their unquestionable pluses, and most of all – for their long life, reaching up to 100 000 hrs and low energy consumption.

We recommend to read the article - "The lighting with LEDs".

Our company can supply you with any product from Paulmann’s offer, which also includes details such as: lampshades, sleeves, transformers, mounting components and wires for wire systems, lamp-holders with LED and various spare parts and sources of light.

 The basic range of Paulmann’s offer is as follows:
- Table & Desk,
- Galeria & Assistent,
 Wire Systems,
- Rail Systems,
- Spotlights,
- LED lighting systems,
- Home & Office,
- Downlights,
- Tra
Conventional light bulbs,
Energy-saving lamps,
Lamp-holders with LEDs,
230V Halogen lamps,
Halogen lamps, low voltage,
Electrical accessories.


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