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    Gewiss ( - a well-known supplier of enclosures, distribution boards, electroinstallation equipment for household and prestigious buildings with intelligent installations, fitting equipment (cable glands, cable ties), socket-outlets, plugs, luminaires for household, school, industrial and sporting facilities uses.

    Please see a plan of the sport field’s illumination in one of Warsaw’s schools, prepared by company Gewiss. According to this plan, the illumination of the sport field was performed with the use of Colosseum projectors 1000 W, in the year 2008.

    Protekol Company has taken its part in an investment of modernization of one of Warsaw's Elementary School's sports fields by supplying in 2007 floodlights produced by Gewiss, Colosseum type, 1000W lamp power, which were installed on a lamp-pole, and floodlights Horus type, 400W lamp power, which were installed on an outside wall of the school building. This investition has been financed by European Union. Our photos present the modernized sport field, the Colosseum and Horus floodlights installed there also floodlight Colosseum with Philips' lamp HPI-T 1000W.


    Protekol Sp. z o.o. can supply you with the following group of articles produced by Gewiss:

- PLAYBUS domestic range
- ECO 60 domestic range
- SYSTEM domestic range
- Surface-mounting enclosures for SYSTEM range
- EIB devices for automation buildings
- Structured wiring
- Boxes for modular range
- Flush-mounting enclosures for flats
- Plugs, sockets and adaptors for domestic and similar uses

- Modular devices for circuit protection
- Modular devices for residual current
- Modular accessories
- Boxed devices

- IEC 309 combined and socket-outlets
- ASC construction site distribution board system
- Control switches and industrial controls
- Energy and services distribution terminal system

- Distribution and automation boards and panels
- Distribution boards and enclosures
- Flush-mounting junction boxes and enclosures
- Installation and wiring complementary items
- Industrial controls and indicators

- Pliable, rigid, flexible protective conduits
- Surface-mounting boxes and coupling systems,
- Cable ducts and wells
- Minitrunking, cable and device trunking
- Skirting and wiring ducts
- Wire mesh cable trays
- Metal and PVC cable trays

- Floodlights
- Road lighting
- Industrial luminaires
- Indoor decorative luminaires
- Outdoor decorative luminaires and indicators
- Emergency luminaires

Please see our download section, where you can find additional information.


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