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    Protekol Sp. z o.o. is an importer and an authorized distributor of goods offered by Filoform b.v. from the Netherlands ( on the Polish market.
For over 40 years, Filoform has produced high-quality components for cable and wiring networks. During this time, Filoform has developed into a leading supplier of cable joints and accessories, comprehensive range of sealing systems and customer specific solutions for both electrical and telecom networks.
    Filoform has many clients such as: various electricity companies, telecom firms, gas and water distribution companies and large contracting firms in Europe.

    Below, we attach two leaflets, where you will get detailed information concerning the company’s offer:
 1.   Filoform’s
cable joints,
 2.   Filoform’s gas –and watertight duct
sealing systems.

    In the catalogue of Filoform (Cable joints & accessories,
Duct sealing systems, Heat shrink components)
you will find
following products:
1. Cast resin joints,
2. Gelboxes,
3. Smart-Joints,
4. Polyurethane resin Filofill P2600,
5. Epoxy resin Kabeline 2392,
6. Filogel gel resins,
7. Constant force springs,
8. Copper wire mesh,
9. Insulated connection/branch-off connectors,
10. Connectors,
11. Heat-shrink connection joints,
12. Live end seals for polymeric cables up to 1 kV,
13. Cable end caps,
14. Break-out caps,
15. Medium wall heat shrink tubes with adhesive,
16. Heavy wall heat shrink tubes with adhesive,
17. Wraps around sleeve for PILC and polymeric cables up to
     1 kV,
18. Gas- and watertight duct sealing systems,
19. Fill & Seal sealing compounds.

    Regarding price enquiries, please contact our company.

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